Welfare of Force

Following are the steps taken for the welfare of general public and police:

  • Special Shuhdah Desk has been established in DPO Office for facilitating the families on priority, 24/7
  • Agreements are being made with the administration of prominent schools for the free education of deserving children's of police officials and Shuhdah
  • Installation of water filtration plant in Police Lines/DPO/SDPO Offices
  • Installation of water filters at 5 Police Stations
  • Weekly rest for all police officials SHO-Constables
  • Liver transplant  of  injured Constable  Saif Ullah
  • Hiring of councils for police officers in writ petitions/private complaints
  • Free kidney dialysis of Police officers
  • The widows as well as legal heirs of Police Shuhdah and deceased police official are being provided every possible assistance
  • The deserving police officials are being supported financially
  • Matters reported trhough SMS/WhatsApp are ensured to resolve expeditiously
    • Total SMS/WhatsApp Received = 320 and SMS received are regarding the following matters
      • Suggestions
      • Information- (License, Police clearance & legal help)
      • Appreciations- ( Good service started)
      • Narcotics & Illicit Arms- City Renala & Satghara
      • Kite flying- PS City Renala
      • Bruthal house- PS Gogera
      • Vulgarness -PS Haveli

Police Public Cooperation Forum Details